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San Jose . California

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Mon - Sun: 7am - 7pm

New & Used Tires, Puncture Repair

"We have the tires you need & we fix punctures!"

Service from 7am - 7pm 7 days a week
Tire service when you need it

We replace or fix your tires in short notice with a truly firendly and caring service. We pride in adjusting to our clients' circumstances and needs, especially when their tires problems is unexpected and unplanned.

You will find that our experience and advice will allow you to get the tires that you need at a fair and often cheap price.

All Types of New Tires

We carry or order all tire brands

Besides our on-hand inventory we can order virtually any tire that you may need for your car, pickup, truck, commercial trailer-truck, and machine.

Complete Tire Service

Tires solutions means considering all alternatives.

Bring your tire with a puncture or other problem and we fix it on the spot at our shop, and if needed we'll provide you with the advice to get a new or used tire.

All tires gets fully inspected and balanced before installation in your vehicle.

Cheap Tires: Fully Inspected Used Tires

Many times you can save money with an inspected used tire.

Thoroughly inspected used tires are a very good option both in price and adequate performance. We get our used tires from trusted sources we've been doing business with for a long time.

As with the replacement of new tires, we are meticulous and pay attention for a precise fit on your rims. You can leave assured that your tires are in good shape and your wheels were checked and balanced for the ride and driving experience that you deserve.